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Acropolis Real Estate

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Full Service Marketing Management

Acropolis Real Estate needed full-service marketing management to fuel its growth within their real estate brokerage and investing departments.

Acropolis Real Estate team was experiencing immense growth due to real estate market shifts. They partnered with us to facilitate their marketing efforts top-to-bottom. Our primary goals focused on the following:

  • Drive inbound leads for their real estate investing department.
  • Brand awareness to grow their sphere of influence with relevant industry partners.
  • Increase total digital presence.
  • Enhance company recruiting efforts. 

Lead Generation

Our marketing management services build a system of tactics based around a robust marketing funnel built generate more business and brand exposure.

  1. We started with top of funnel lead generation tactics to drive more leads (Google PPC, Facebook Ads, Radio Advertising, Text Message Blasts).
  2. We investing in secondary campaigns to drive brand exposure (social media, SEO, CSR, event management, digital retargeting).
  3. We enhanced existing automated nurture systems to help scale sales efforts and maximize conversions (CRM Management, email marketing, marketing workflows).

Email Marketing

We created an in-depth series of email newsletters optimized to engage segmented target audiences and drive important conversions. Ultimately creating a system of 10,000+ weekly deliveries through these various messaging channels.

  • Solicit off-market real estate listings and increase deal margins.
  • Generate buyer interest in upcoming listings.
  • Engage agents and buyers with data driven reports to establish long-term credibility
  • Promote networking events and educational workshops for aspiring realtors
  • Drive recruiting efforts for licensed brokerage team. 

Google PPC and Facebook Advertising

We attracted motivated inbound leads by creating and sharing well-timed ads (via both mobile and desktop) among motivated home sellers. Our PPC strategy is a strong step-by-step methodology. 

  • Keyword strategy and optimization
  • Bid strategy management
  • Ad creation and distribution
  • ROI tracking and conversion optimization

Further execution was also required including:

  • Video content for YouTube retargeting ads
  • Graphic design for Facebook and Google Display ads

Social Media Marketing

Our social media management focused on Instagram video aimed at driving engagement with local realtors. We gained followers through networking events, secondary email campaign, and effective video content creation. We also incorporated cheap awareness retargeting ads for all website traffic on Instagram and Facebook.

Event Management

We hosted a series of networking and educational events to build relationships with new San Diego real estate agents. RSVPs helped us enhance recruiting efforts, gain valuable off-market listing insights, and increase interest in upcoming listings. 

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